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 Neurometer® CPT® tests are painless and may be conducted anywhere on the surface of the body - including the most distal cutaneous finger and toe sites permitting the earliest possible detection of sensory nerve damage resulting from conditions such as diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal injury, sciatica, and radiculopathy, and polyneuropathy.  This is an improvement over traditional electro-diagnostic and biopsy procedures performed for the past 60 years. This advance in technology permits measures not affected by skin temperature, edema or electromagnetic interference.  More than 800 peer-reviewed research publications document the high sensitivity, specificity and intra-rater and inter-rater reliability of the Neurometer® sensory nerve tests and their advantages over traditional procedures.  No other functional clinical sensory diagnostic test provides more information. The CPT® evaluation is also routinely employed for pharmaceutical and cosmetic development.  Additionally, Neurometer® CPT® technology permits atraumatic non-injurious laboratory animal sensory evaluations.

 Neurometer® electrodiagnostic sensory nerve conduction threshold (sNCT) testing equipment is unmatched in its ability to painlessly and non-invasively provide a functional evaluation of sensory nerve integrity.  Established normative painless Current Perception Threshold (CPT® values individually measure each the three 3 major sub-populations of sensory nerve fibers that comprise the typical sensory nerve.  The CPT®evaluation permits the determination of neurological dysfunction from hyperesthesia/neuritis through hypoesthesia/neuropathy as well as monitoring the progression of nerve regeneration.  The Neurometer® is unique among all sensory nervous system evaluation tests with these capabilities.  The sNCT test reliably and accurately measures the function at any cutaneous site on the body including mucosal surfaces such as in the palate and the bladder.

 Traditional  electrodiagnostic nerve tests, such as the sensory nerve conduction velocity (sNCV) examine fewer than 10% of sensory fibers within an isolated segment of a peripheral nerve. The skin punch biopsy provides an invasive measure of sensory innervation. Both tests are insensitive to early stage hyperesthesia and functional complications, each relies on non-standardized single-blind test procedures. Neurometer® devices quantify the functional integrity of the large myelinated, small myelinated and unmyelinated sensory fibers (>90% of the nerves fibers) using a standardized double-blind (p<0.006) automated test procedure. These measures are objectively evaluated through computerized comparison to clinically established normative values. The Neurometer® is a valuable and powerful diagnostic resource for clinicians.

Patients demand the highest quality standards and the most up-to-date professional care.
Be comprehensive, proactive and enhance your diagnostic capabilities with
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